Blossom Park Investment

The Netherlands is situated in North-West Europe, bordering the North Sea, between Belgium and Germany. Capital city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam and The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy and has one of the most stable political and social environments in the world, which in turn has led to a stable economic environment.



Gateway to Europe

The Netherlands is worldwide considered as the gateway to Europe, thanks to the world-class Port of Rotterdam, the internationally acclaimed Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport (see below image, many of the more than 40 European destinations), an extensive network of waterways, Europe’s strongest road transport sector and an extensive network of rail links.

Blossom Park, an innovative project

The government has classified Blossom Park in Vroondaal, The Hague as an innovative project. This is a statutory condition for foreign investors participating in Vroondaal to be eligible for a residency permit under the renewed Dutch Modern Migration Act.

Dutch Sino International Business Association

The Dutch Sino Business Association is an innovative working and living community focused on the promotion of economic activity between China and the Netherlands. Vroondaal will contain the first and so far only project in which a total of 350-500 investment initiatives concerning Sino-Dutch, and Asian-European relations will be started in the Netherlands.

Immigration & Investment

Vroondaal Development in cooperation with the Dutch authorities, created a unique possibility to enable Chinese investors, who are interested in emigrating to the Netherlands, to invest in an innovative company. The main objective of this company is to facilitate Chinese investors to invest in an innovative villa on a spacious plot in Vroondaal.



Vroondaal is situated in the green and watery recreation area Madestein south of The Hague, near the 350- year old Ockenburgh country estate and the beach of Kijkduin. Just perfect! Because anyone who lives here, will get their share of the best this area has to offer.

From the board of directors

Welcome to Vroondaal Blossom Park!

On behalf of Vroondaal we invite you to invest in the innovative business project of Vroondaal Blossom Park, the new residential area in The Hague, one of the largest cities of The Netherlands.